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" Seindah Ciptaan ILahi "

Salam ukhuwah..setiap makhluk Allah di muka bumi ini dicipta dengan sebaik-baik kejadian..Maka, dengan itu, kita sebagai hambanya yang kerdil haruslah mensyukuri segala nikmat dan kurniaanNya...Anugerah yang tidak ternilai untuk manusia adalah AKALnya..tanpa akal siapalah manusia itu..dengan akal itulah kita memperoleh keimanan,kewarasan dan kebaikan untuk menuju ke arahnya jalan yang diredhainya..Alhamdulillah..InsyaAllah, ikhlaskan segala perbuatan kita kepadaNya..hanya Allah yang mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hambanya..DariNya kita diciptakan dan kepadaNya jualah kita kembali..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

out without u...

let's see what we've got here today..
Here, i'm doing my writing excercise because of MUET..
but, this is a story..
from the bottom of my heart..
i'm happy to write this for you, dear Farhana..
specially for you..
on behalf of hikmaht and me..

P/S :Do correct me if i'm wrong..
       I really appreciate that k.. should i express my feeling into words ha?
Terengganu State Library..
the place that we used to hang out..three of us..doing our own business..studying, reading, gathering place n others..
but today..
just 2 of us left..
having our breaksfast at the same place like the old times..
by keeping her in our minds and hearts..
we miss you..
can you feel it..
' time goes by..we will never apart..'
still remember that?
that's your favourite..
wait for us k..
we are struggling towards our dreams..
to serve the nation and religion right?
pray for us..
we are on the same track, same lyrics, same notes..

of course, we had a great time together..
revising and studying for that test..
sharing and listening..
planning for our next move..
to shoot for the stars..
you know that right?
but it will be more fantastic with your presence..
but, don't worry my dear friend..
you are always with us...
wherever u are..
let's do our best..
keep that in mind..

some jokes to share with you..
we got stucked in lift..
for a few seconds
you know why?
because we forgot to press the button..
to reach our true destination..
we forgot to order the lift to move on..
it rest silently with zero velocity...
with us inside..
we looked at each other..
and we realized it..
our mistakes..
we got to laugh..
i'm sure..
you will never be like that..
because you are our dedicated, skillful guider..
we wish you were here..
to teach us..
to guide us..
to laugh at laugh with us..haha
take good care of yourself there..
be happy for us..
your happiness is ours..
so do us..
smile for us k..
P/S : We love you..

lots of love,
friendship forever..

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  1. aisyah!! thanks!! sayang korang!! tunggu sy balik tau!! frens forever!!